Sunday, September 06, 2009

Embed and breakfast man: The Charlatans - Some Friendly

You don't just do one big splurge of video when it has Tim Burgess in it. (Although we did, once). You savour it, slowly, however much you might want to rush forward to the Jesus Hairdo one where he's smeared in bodypaint. However much that might appeal.

Today, then, just some bits and pieces from the tracks which formed the Charlatans' debut album Some Friendly. Released on their own Dead Dead Good label (Beggars Banquet wearing a hooded top, in effect) the album was a number one debutante. Hard to imagine the band being in that sort of position again, if you're honest.

Equally hard to believe is that there were only two singles lifted from the collection. This is one of them, then, and it's Then, performed on The Word back in 1990. Look! It's Big Brother and Would I Lie To You's Terry Christian and everything:

You'll have this album, of course. But just in case, Amazon offer it on CD, mp3 and cassette.

More dipping in to the record to come
The Only One I Know
Sproston Green
Polar Bear

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