Saturday, September 26, 2009

Embed and breakfast man: Deus

Some Belgian proggy-pop today, as - surprisingly - we've never dipped into the mind of Tom Barman before in the semi-regular padding-out-the-weekend-posts-with-video feature.

Deus are hitting their 20th year this year and, partly by dint of keeping going for so long, they're the most successful Belgian rock act of all time. With about five albums. It's not easy being a Belgian rock act, clearly.

Let's start with Instant Street - which, in itself, is now ten years old.

More Deus
Official site
Deus MySpace
Last FM
Deus on Spotify
Deus Wikipedia

Possess Deus
Vantage Point: CD | Vantage Point: mp3
Ideal Crash: CD | Ideal Crash: mp3
My Sister Is My Clock: CD | My Sister Is My Clock: mp3
Any Way The Wind Blows - 2003 film directed by Tom Barman

More Deus over the next few hours, god willing
The Architect - ghettoblaster version
Sun Ra live
Sister Dew
Slow live


dEUS said...

Don't watch our videos on Dailymotion. Go to our official YouTube channel instead, which contains all our official videos, as well as lots of other interesting dEUS material:


Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Isn't the DailyMotion channel official as well?

dEUS said...

Re: Simon

No it's not. We have tried to set up an official channel ( Most of our official videos were blocked however. We tried to solve this issue with Dailymotion, but despite the fact that they (some guy named Donatien who claimed to be in charge of the Music channels) promised to get in touch with us, they never did. Just because a DailyMotion profile says "official user" doesn't make it official. There are numerous profiles on DailyMotion that claim to be official, but are clearly not. That is one of the reasons we have given up on DailyMotion and prefer to redirect our fans to our YouTube channel instead.

The Deus-official channel was most likely setup by UMG France or Belgium, not by us.

If we had succeeded in setting up a proper official dEUS channel on DailyMotion, we would have had all our official videos online, not just a selection. Therefore we advise you to just visit our YouTube channel, which does not have any restrictions and features a lot more material (such as our official Podcast videos).


Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Interesting - thanks for clarifying...

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