Monday, October 05, 2009

Darkness at 3AM: Has Cowell really only taken half a century to bring us JLS?

You will, naturally, have heard the tales of Simon Cowell's fiftieth birthday party, a glittering, star-studded event. How do you sum up such a historical event? How to grasp the cultural significance of the celebration of a man, without whom, it's likely Piers Morgan would have vanished into the relatively obscurity his talent would suggest? How would a writer manage to sketch the idea of the corona this day offers to our culture?

the 3AM Girls have a crack:

It's the sign of a proper knees-up... Myleene Klass staggered into her waiting car, bare-footed, with her shoes goodness knows where.

Myleene Klass got a bit tiddly and took her shoes off. In a hundred years, such an event will be endlessly recreated in an attempt to try and capture the spirt of this oh-too-belle epoque.