Friday, October 02, 2009

The D:Ream is over

It's amusing that - having made such a fuss about no longer supporting Labour a couple of days ago - The Sun only seems to have belatedly realised it's meant to offer an alternative and actually has a "oh... we'd better say something about the Tories" this morning.

I'm sure it's not been lost on David Cameron and Andy Coulson that the tone of the Sun's coverage isn't "Cammo is the man for Britain", but rather "god, Gordon is knackered." But as Homer observed, default are the two sweetest words in the English language.

Even today, as the paper finds some room to let Dave tell us what his plans are, they're still more interested in kicking Labour than actually endorsing the Tories. And, oh, how cruel the sting of the turncoat:

THE pop star behind New Labour's anthem insisted last night Things Can Only Get Better - if voters DUMP the Party.

D:Ream singer Peter Cunnah - whose track was Tony Blair's theme tune when he swept to power in 1997 - backed The Sun as he declared: "We need to give David Cameron a chance."

The fed-up dad of two, 43, said: "It's time for a change. If Gordon Brown called me today I wouldn't sing for them again."

I suspect it's hugely unlikely that anyone would be putting in a call to D:Ream HQ for an endorsement this time round, given that next year's first-time voters would have only just been born the year the song came out and so doesn't quite have the youthful relevance it once did.

It's worth pointing out that Cunnah isn't "backing The Sun" at all, either - the paper is saying 'vote Tory' (except, confusingly, to its Scottish readers) and Cunnah... well, he isn't:
Peter said the Conservatives had to show that they offered Britain a PROPER alternative.

He admitted that currently he was frustrated at not seeing "a real choice". That was because "the Conservatives are so red and the reds are so blue".

Peter added: "I think, 'Should I use my vote?' I'm still floating."

Not quite agreeing with the