Saturday, October 31, 2009

Embed and breakfast man: Help Stamp Out Loneliness

A smattering of Manchester indie-loveliness from Help Stamp Out Loneliness, which you could file under 'twee' or 'C-86' if you want. For us, though, we're stapling them firmly onto the 'sounds a bit like The Would-Bes' card we keep in our musical filing system.

It's nothing to do with this, by the way:

This is what it's about, Record Shop, live from the Buffalo Bar:

That's a little distorted in sound, but you get the idea.

HSOL covering Bruce Springsteen
The Torvill and Dean single seems to have been sold out

More about the band
HSOL blog/official site
HSOL on that Facebook
HSOL on MySpace
HSOL on Last FM

Help Stamp Out Loneliness at Indietracks

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