Sunday, October 25, 2009

Suzanne Moore: More ire for Moir

Suzanne Moore takes her Mail On Sunday column to slap down Nick Griffin and Associated colleague Jan Moir today:

In a globalised economy that worships the free market, people will go where jobs are. That's called capitalism. But racism, like homophobia, is not based on reason. Moir's apology for her comments about there being nothing natural about Gately's death was really about her getting her timing wrong. Sure, Jan - by about 50 years.

Brecht said nothing should be called natural 'in an age of bloody confusion'. But Moir called it wrong. The 'some of my best friends are gay/black/aliens' argument cuts no ice. Some of my best friends are dead.

Nor have we seen off the likes of Griffin. In these culture wars we have to pick sides. Griffin and Moir each believe they are telling their own 'truth'. Neither are my truth nor much of the country's. The day they are, I will pack my bags.

Naturally, this hasn't gone down well with the core Mail audience, and Moore has tweeted that she thinks this might be the point where she needs to move on. If so - and it'd be nice to have her writing for a publication worth the entry fee again - it's a great way to leave.