Saturday, November 14, 2009

Embed and breakfast man: George Best weekend

It's cold, it's raining, it's gloomy. What better response than to dip into an albums' worth of comfort food. The Wedding Present's George Best is the Heinz Big Soup of comfort food albums.

Originally released in 1987, and subsequently revised with extra tracks both on CD release and then in a 20th anniversary version. The first 3,000 were sold with the extra inducement of a free plastic bag. To be fair, this was back when you needed something to carry music home in.

Because these things are just flung together on a whim and contain no proper research at all, I'm not sure if all the original tracks will be available in performance on YouTube, but I'm feeling pretty confident with this one.

Track one, Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft, certainly is:

I'm guessing most of the live versions are going to come from the 20th anniversary tour.

George Best on CD
George Best on comparatively over-priced mp3

Hopefully the tracklist will grow over the weekend
What Did Your Last Servant Die Of?
Don't Be So Hard
A Million Miles
All This And More
My Favourite Dress
Something And Nothing
It's What You Want That Matters
Give My Love To Kevin
Anyone Can Make A Mistake
You Can't Moan, Can You?

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