Saturday, November 07, 2009

Embed and breakfast man: Le Prince Miiaou

A smattering of Francophone awkward-guitar-pop for this weekend, as I dip cautiously into webpages I can only translate if they touch on French I learned at school. And, frankly, there's not much about a boy called Xavier falling into the river here.

What there is, though, is the work of Maud-Elisa Mandeau and that translates pretty well. Here's a taste, from her session for Liberation:

Our tabloids slather over Kasabian; French papers run this sort of thing. If ever there was an argument for closer European integration, this could be it.

More Miiaou
Le Prince Miiaou on MySpace [Machine-translated into English]
Le Prince Miiaou on MySpace [French language version]
Le Prince Miiaou on LastFM

Le Prince Miiaou - Safety First - mp3 album

Further video to come...
Football Team
Live at Chanteir Des Francos
Hawaiian Tree

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