Friday, November 13, 2009

Liam grinds on without Noel, Oasis, point

Having passed from self-parody into meaningless many years ago, it's not especially surprising that Liam Gallagher is going to press on into becoming s full-blown cultural irrelevance. Yes, he's pledging solo shows:

"I'll be back doing that [playing live] within a couple of months. I've just done a tour, I always miss singing songs. I miss the people."

He's working along with the rest of Oasis, but they're not going to be called Oasis:
"We're sort of doing things at the moment. Not Oasis, Oasis is done. Everyone except for Noel," Gallagher explained.

And it only took five or six years for Gallagher to realise, eh?

There is a question why, if Oasis is done, Liam is intending to press on with the same people doing the same sort of thing. It's a bit like deciding that ice cream has had its day, and then ordering two dozen boxes of cones and chocolate sprinkles.