Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BRMB sack DJ for sticking to the schedule

BRMB wasn't supposed to be broadcasting the Queens Speech on Christmas Day; so when it turned up in the Sky News feed instead of the news, Tom Binns cut in to the broadcast and got back to playing the sort of low-demand music BRMB thrives on.

Unfortunately, there were a couple of complaints and a death threat, and so now Binns has been permanently binned by BRMB.

David Lloyd, Orion Media Group's programme and marketing director, said: 'On Christmas Day, one of our presenters, Tom Binns, made some inappropriate comments surrounding the Queen's speech.

'We do not condone what he said in any way; whether said in jest or not. We are making contact with the small number of listeners who were offended by Tom’s comments and have complained to us to convey our apologies, and have also apologised on air.

'Tom will now not be featuring again on our radio stations.'

If there were only a small number of listeners who complained - and these were people who cared so much about the Queen's Speech they had chosen to listen to a station that it wasn't on - why have they sacked Tom?


PeterDee said...

We have a man from BRMB doing the pre game announcements at Aston Villa, aside from that I tend to avoid BRMB it always seemed like Barry from Auf Wiedersehen Pet in radio format. At least BBC WM has Janice Long on it.

Unknown said...

Thats a shame that this is happening at BRMB, Is this part of your reconstruction scheme? So easily swayed by a few complaints.

As for the 'Barry' comment!? A regional radio stations should have some regional accents on there, WM have DJ's/Hosts with 'accents' there's nothing wrong with it.

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