Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Sting vs Paxman: "You're not being blamed for the global crisis, you're just being called a hypocrite"

As Newsnight swung into its Copenhagen stride last night, Sting appeared for a meeting with Jeremy Paxman:

The highlight would be Sting shifting uncomfortably in his seat when Paxman asked him if he felt uncomfortable wooshing between all his houses, and then appearing to suggest that he could have such a carbon-heavy lifestyle because he's earned it helping the rainforests. That throws an interesting perspective on his behaviour.

Sting also ducks the obvious question after he's called for the West to pay nations with rain forests. "How much should they pay?" asks Paxman. Sting suggests that would be a question for expert. The implication being that his work is based on a lack of expertise, then.

In conclusion, Sting claims that he's not looking for individuals to make changes, but targeting large corporations. Fine, but the introduction points out that Sting was last year's highest-paid musician after a massive, global tour. Isn't The Police a large corporation, Sting?

[Thanks to Mike E]


Olive said...

Is that the same eco warrior Sting who did an advert for Jaguar? Just checking.

Anonymous said...

"Sting was last year's highest-paid musician"

OK I'm not sure I want to live in a world where this is true. Bring on the climate destruction to end this misery.

shuff said...

Give Sting a break. At least he is doing something. Most of the rock royalty sit preening themself and wallowing in self obsession with out being called to account for anything. If they do nothing they are just doing their won thing but if they do something it is pretentious. You can not win with media.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

You cannot win with the media. Just because you promote your latest work by pretending to care about the environment, they bring up your adverts for gas-guzzling cars with unsustainable wood trim, your many, many houses and the flights between them, and your household's sacking of pregnant chefs instead of allowing you to sit back and present yourself under false colours. That damn media, huh?

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