Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Darkness at 3AM: It was all a dream

It's sometimes said that there's nothing worse than a friend trying to tell you their dreams. Those who believe this are wrong, though. They clearly haven't come across the Daily Mirror telling you about Martine McCutcheon's dreams:

Martine McCutcheon has been spooked by a nightmare. The Ex-EastEnder said: "Tarantulas have taken over the world. They were up the walls, on the stairs and attacking me with their black and orange legs and claws."

How would this even end up in a newspaper? Did Martine wake up and call the 3AM team straight away? Was the Mirror desperately trying to get Martine to say something they could put in the paper and this was the best they could manage?

And then Hugh Cudlip woke up, and had all been a terrible dream...


Mikey said...

If Martin Luther King starts banging on about having had a dream, everybody stops to listen.

Is it unreasonable to expect Martine McCutcheon to be accorded the same level of attention?

(Answer, if you're playing along at home, is no)

NerysX said...

Oh lordy, she's thinking of writing another "novel", isn't she? One about a perky cockerney heroine surviving in a post arachnilyptic world...

James said...

Is it her that yells at me during the ad breaks "OK, SO WE'RE ALL FINISHED WITH OUR CHRISTMAS INDULGENCES!"?

Because she can piss off. I've still got two tins of Roses and a gallon of advocaat to finish.


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