Sunday, January 31, 2010

Embed and breakfast man: Husky Rescue

To celebrate the release of Ship of Light.

I'm always slightly suspicious when bands are described as having formed in, say, Helsinki - which is what the official history of Husky Rescue claims - because I know how often American journalists just lump any group from anywhere in the UK as hailing from London, but let's go with the official version. Founded in Helsinki by Marko Nyberg in 2002, Ship Of Light is the third proper album. Naturally, there's a tour in support:

5 Feb Klubi Tampere
6 Feb Klubi Turku
10 Feb Tavastia Helsinki
11 Feb Lutakko Jyväskylä
12 Feb Henry´s Pub Kuopio
13 Feb Kellari Joensuu
3 Mar Moles Bath
4 Mar Hanbury Club Brighton
5 Mar Islington Academy London
7 Mar Academy Birmingham
18 Mar Chelsea Vienna
19 Mar Exit O7 Luxembourg
20 Mar Botanique Brussels
21 Mar Paradiso Amsterdam

The band is one of those interesting Popguns/Catatonia style arrangements where a female singer (Reeta-Leena Korhola) is delivering lyrics from her heart that, actually, were written by a bloke stood alongside her. How does that work, Marko?

Most of the time I consider vocals as a beautiful extra instrument. Vocals are the most touching element because of they bring a real and organic value you don’t get from other instruments. Why spoil an illusion explaining the content of the lyrics? The whole world around the song will break and the whole illusion may be spoiled. Music and lyrics create a fragile magic and beauty where a song can have a different meaning for everyone.

However they get there, this is what they sound like:

That's New Light Of Tomorrow from 2004's Country Falls, that is.

Ship of Light
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Ghost Is Not Real
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Country Falls
Download Country Falls

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