Saturday, January 23, 2010

Embed and breakfast man: Midlake

In a little over a week, there's going to be a new album from Midlake. Look, here's a trailer for it:

This seems like a fitting excuse to lob a load of Midlake videos onto the blog and call it a feature, right?

Forming just about the end of the last century in Texas, by students apparently on some sort of jazz course. Hence, the first version of the band did jazz-funk workouts under the title The Cornbread All-Stars.

Thank god they came to their senses, and started doing stuff like this instead. This is Roscoe:

Buy Midlake
The Courage Of Others - Download Courage
Trials Of Van Occupanther - Download Van Occupanther
Bamnan and Silvercork - Download Silvercork

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More Midlake to come
Bandits live
Young Bride

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