Monday, January 04, 2010

Iggy Pop adds Frank Sidebottom rip-off to awful insurance ads

Even Iggy admitted that his Swiftcover adverts were awful - "embarrassing" was his actual word, I think - but they're still happy to throw cash at him, so he's making new adverts which appear to rip off Frank Sidebottom quite badly:'s marketing director Tina Shortle said he was still keen to work with the company on their 2010 campaign.

"Iggy loved the fact that last year's campaign stirred up a lot of emotion, so this year we've played on the controversy with even more irreverent humour," she said. "The introduction of 'Little Iggy' allowed Iggy to play against type and become the chilled-out, golf-playing rock star whilst 'Little Iggy' causes havoc."

You know he does. He really does.


Anonymous said...

Iggy didn't say the ads were embarrassing. What he actually said was:

"I ask Iggy Pop, willy-waver, self-mutilator, stage-diver, car-wrecker, ex-dope fiend, ex-thief, punk progenitor and Stooges singer, why Swiftcover, online seller of car insurance, wanted to use him to front their recent UK advertising campaign.

He squirms and grins sheepishly. There’s a distinct blush beneath the coppery leather, newly scarred skin of his face. “This is so embarrassing. I was afraid you’d ask me that. This is so f***ing embarrassing.”

He bangs the table and breaks into a high-pitched giggle. “They said they wanted this series of ads to be performed by somebody…” long pause, “…somebody you can’t help but like!”

We stare at each other in silence, eyebrows raised, jaws dropped.

“You mean,” I — shocked, disbelieving — say, “that almost 45 years of offensive, obnoxious, downright nasty rock’n’roll, of systematic debauchery and subversion — your life’s work — has come to nothing? People can’t help but like you!”


“You did it, Iggy, you failed upwards!”

Now we’re both giggling “That’s a very nervous position to be in,” he gasps, “to be liked!”

So Iggy, at least, gets the joke.

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