Monday, January 18, 2010

Steve Penk: A charming human being

Last week, Steve Penk was complaining about the BBC abusing their power. This week, he's in the news in his own right.

Sadly, it's for being a cock.

Last week, the M60 was closed while police tried to talk down a suicidal woman from a gantry. Jolly old Steve came up with a wheeze - why not play Jump by Van Halen?

Hilarious. Because it's not like it was a person there, was it?

It got even more hilarious when the woman did, indeed, jump. Oh, the tears must have been flowing down Penk's face.

The woman survived with minor injuries. And does Penk feel any remorse?

'The entire area had been thrown into total chaos by a single troubled woman.

'I was very sorry to hear that the lady had subsequently jumped from the bridge, but relieved that her injuries were minor.

'If, as has been suggested, the woman jumped because she heard it from a passing car radio that's unfortunate.

'But I don't regret playing it for a minute.'

It seems unlikely that the woman would have heard the track on a car radio - the size of Revolution's audience makes that unlikely - but you've really got the measure of Steve Penk there. If I played a song which led her to leap off a bridge, I don't regret it at all. Charming.

What makes it worse is that he seems to have realised what he was doing was making an asinine joke about a woman he himself describes as "a single troubled woman".

In other news, the world has agreed that, should it spot Steve Penk on fire, it won't cross the road to piss on him. "After all" said everybody, "crossing the road might disrupt the traffic. And what's one person in pain compared with the traffic flow?"


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