Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Swans return, attempt to self-finance return

Swans have been apart for over a decade, but are just about to re-emerge, like phoenixes. Only using MySpace instead of fire, and looking for a bit of help from their fanbase:

The song “Jim” recently added to the playlist is an acoustic demo (solo at home) recording by michael gira. this, and many other new songs recorded in the same way comprise many of the new (rough versions) of songs under consideration, to be fleshed out on the coming new swans album. a cd of these acoustic versions, as well as a live (2 shows) dvd of m.gira will be for sale very soon as a hand made (by gira) package called I Am Not Insane (CD/DVD). this package – in a limited edition of 1000 - will be sold in order to raise money for the swans recordings/offset the huge costs involved.

They've not yet announced how you can give them money, but keep an eye on their MySpace.