Monday, January 25, 2010

System Of A Down: Good news at last

Here's something to cheer up a gloomy winter evening: although they're not removing the threat entirely, System Of A Down aren't planning to get back together any time soon:

"We always have offers to play, from festivals and stuff, but we have not decided to do anything as of yet," [Serj] Tankian explains. "We're in touch. We talk. We call it an indefinite hiatus, and that's how we still look at it. Nothing's really changed."

Yes, the "as of yet" is a bit of a threat, but at least it gives us hope.

Meanwhile, Tankian is working on his, uh, solo project:
"It's pretty wild, musically," Tankian reports. "It's all over the place, from jazz to classical to noise to rock to electronic. And the story's really powerful, a story of tyranny and justice."

'Admittedly,' he continued, 'my decision to sing in a ickle bunny-wunny voice sits a bit uneasily with that, but...' Tankian tailed off. "I mean, nobody's actually going to want to listen to it, so I figured why not?"