Saturday, February 13, 2010

Embed and breakfast man: Nitzer Ebb

... but in case a free Nitzer Ebb download isn't enough for you, how about some sweat-dripping video action?

If you're anything like me, then you probably have Nitzer Ebb neatly packaged as the darkside Depeche Mode; starting in the same place, but taking a very different path. Gorgeously refreshed after a quiet ten year break and an equally quiet comeback in the middle of the last decade - not often 'quiet' fits in a piece about Nitzer Ebb.

Somewhat uncomfortably, Wikipedia describes the comeback album as having a lot of work to do:

[I]t remains to be seen whether the band can recapture the innovation and aggression of its early days and take on board the advances in production made by contemporary techno acts influenced by Nitzer Ebb

Nobody's even popped a 'citation required' on that. Are you allowed to write entries in the tone of voice used by a dubious bloke watching football on a pub TV?

Let's kick off with Murderous, for the strong editorial reason that it's the first return you get if you search Google for Nitzer Ebb videos:

Industrial Complex - the new one
Industrial Complex download version
Catalogue - containing, erm, the Nitzer Ebb catalogue
Ebbhead download version

More on Nitzer Ebb
Official Site
Official Site in English
Nitzer Ebb on Spotify
Nitzer Ebb on Last.FM
Nitzer Ebb on MySpace

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