Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Go West: Turning silver

How are Messrs. Cox and Drummie going to mark twenty five years in the business, you might have been wondering.

Oh, pretend you have. Play along.

Luckily, a press release brings news:

Legendary British pop duo “Go West” will embark on a rare 11-date UK tour in April 2010.

It's not entirely lying - sure, they did two sets of dates in 2009, and toured in 2008, but specifically eleven date UK tours by Go West are pretty rare.

Although "legendary" is stretching it a bit.

They're also going to re-release Call Me, which is a single that isn't the one that people remember.


James said...

"They're also going to re-release Call Me, which is a single that isn't the one that people remember."

...unless they're as sad as me, in which case they'll hear it and think "Crumbs, it's that song they used to play in the background on the ITV Telethon during the bits when they read out the phone numbers and flashed up the logos of obscure building societies, as part of a montage of phone-related pop songs which also included Stevie Wonder's I Just Called and Blondie's Hanging on the Telephone (presumably because two tracks titled 'Call Me' would get confusing)"

Tsk, you kids wouldn't understand what it was like to just have three channels and a satsuma at Christmas.

Robin Carmody said...

Can't say I remember that, but "Call Me" is most definitely the song Dave Clifton plays just after Alan Partridge has told him to read the small print on his cone-tract. And it works - Wessex FM was just like that in 1997, when nobody even pretended to want to remember 1985.

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