Monday, February 01, 2010

Not all Taylors are the same

The Liverpool Echo has managed to ruin plans for American signer Taylor Bright to do a small gig at a school in the city; the paper erroneously claimed it was Taylor Swift off the Grammys who would be appearing. The school, St Margaret Mary's (why, yes, it is a Catholic Girls' school) sighed:

In a statement it said: "We had planned a short concert for the children on Monday 1 February, featuring an unknown singer, Taylor Bright.

"Unfortunately, the Liverpool Echo has printed an inaccurate story that pop singer Taylor Swift is coming.

"There will now be no concert and the Liverpool Echo has promised to print an amendment."

You have to feel a bit sorry for Taylor Bright, don't you? There is this implication that she's not going to draw a crowd. "We invited Taylor Bright, so obviously nobody was going to come to see that, but then the Echo went and claimed it was someone much, much better. You know, Bright we could have coped with - we'd have come up with some way of hiding the empty seats. But Swift? Jeez, she could pull a crowd. We'd need barriers, stewards, the whole nine yards. Actually, let's not bother with Taylor Bright at all. Ring her up and cancel."

The Echo is contrite:
"The Echo regrets the mistake in Saturday's paper and has apologised to the school's governors.

"We are making a donation to school funds as a gesture of goodwill."

"... and, hey maybe we should get the kids some tickets to go see Beyonce who we know for a fact is going to be playing Anfield Comp on Thursday, right?"