Friday, March 12, 2010

Embed and breakfast man: Mambo Taxi

Having mentioned Mambo Taxi, and acknowledging that there's not quite enough video to run to an entire Mambo Taxi weekend - even one that peters out around Saturday teatime - let's have a Mambo Taxi Breakfast, shall we?

Officially, Mambo Taxi ran for about five years, and it was mostly running. Anjali Bhati left early to join the Voodoo Queens, and then went on to release a couple of sublime solo singles.

This, taken from '1994 UK video zine documentary "Getting Close To Nothing"' is the mighty 'Do You Always Dress Like That In Front Of Other People's Boyfriends'?

All out of print now, but second hand copies of Poems On The Underground and In Love With... turn up every so often.

There's another slither of Mambo Taxi along in a few minutes: Poems On The Underground


James said...

Oh my crikey, this is awesome. Mambo Taxi were one of the first bands to lead me from chart-following child to rummaging-through-boxes-of-singles-in-tiny-record-shops-in-hope-of-finding-bands-I'd-heard-on-the-Graveyard-Shift teenager. I remember seeing this video on the Chart Show (I think it was one of the few videos in the Indie Chart which didn't consist of the song playing over a band photo with a wavy video effect applied) and immediately loving it.


Delia Sparrow said...

glad you liked the video! All those clothes were (some still are!) mine and the organ players boyfriend hired in the nun/marie antoinette etc costumes for the end bit!

James said...

*jawdrop* When I reluctantly crawled out of bed this morning I had no idea that, just four hours later, I'd be conversing with one of the creators of a pop video that opened my eyes and ears to the wonderful world of shouty guitar bands. Thanks again! I admire your wardrobe :)

Although I discovered this song in a time before the instant gratification of MP3s, I'm proud to say it lived on with me, thanks to a copy I managed to make by putting a tape recorder next to the TV (the sort of home taping which, as we were warned, eventually killing music in June 1998). Sadly it cut off halfway through to make way for the Video Vault, but I listened to the first half of the song over and over for years afterwards. Brilliant to hear it in full again...

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