Monday, March 15, 2010

The Evening Session: It's back, back, back

Well, it's back for one night. Jo Whiley and Steve Lamacq are reuniting for a one-off revival of The Evening Session. On 6Music rather than Radio One, but in the old time slot.

If this is a success, 6Music promises that there are no plans at all to ask Goodier to do a similar exercise. (Although, in all seriousness, it'd be nice to have a week with Kid Jensen, Janice Long, Simon Mayo and Richard Skinner getting to revive Night-Time Radio One.)

The revived Evening Session must, by law, contain some or all of the following:

- Jo Whiley discovering an indie band likes Massive Attack and responding 'I'm really amazed at a band like you liking something like that'
- Pretending Oasis are still somehow important
- A track by The Wonderstuff
- Steve Lamacq smelling of a half of cider
- Tour dates for Five Thirty, including visits to Roadmenders, The Rathole and TJs.
- The last ten minutes being annexed for some well-meaning but ultimately ineffective factucation feature
- A trail for a Chris Evans breakfast show that encourages you to sleep in until ten
- The ghost of Simon Bates
- That song that goes "going down, down, down, DOWN like a Divebomb"
- Sugar in session


James said...

"The last ten minutes being annexed for some well-meaning but ultimately ineffective factucation feature"

Arf! I remember 'The Update'. There was a different theme each night. Tuesdays' was the tech one, all about groovy new websites and stuff, awkwardly presented by Rachel, one of those early-90s 'cyber-punk' types with unconventional haircuts who were here to show us that, hey, computers aren't just for nerds and squares any more, there's loads of stuff on this new 'information superhighway' thing about skateboarding and ska-punk for us cool kids too. Look! Here's a site that lets you listen to tinny 30-second clips of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones!

My one lasting memory of this show was the time she picked up on the line in Mousse T's 'Horny' "I sent a message through the internet but it rejected", and spent some time speculating on whether this was because they had some email-filtering software installed. Not that they were short on content that week or anything.

Joris said...

That song that goes "going down, down, down, DOWN like a Divebomb"

Divebomb by Number One Cup. Classic...

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