Monday, March 15, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Did you know JLS were going to America?

Perhaps Murdoch could save the need to raise paywalls on his sites if he just charged JLS for the acres of unquestioning publicity the band get from Gordon Smart. Or maybe they're already charging, and not bothering to declare it. There's another one this morning:

Beautiful RIHANNA has confirmed she will record a single with the JLS lads before the end of the year - and she believes BEYONCE and KANYE WEST will follow.

There is an actual quote from someone allowed to make up Rihanna quotes:
Rihanna said: "Working with JLS is something that will happen this year.

"Jay [Z] will make stars out of them. He has been a great mentor to me.

"He has been around long enough to spot real talent and he knows who will become worldwide stars.

"They can sing, they can dance, they look good, actually they look very good.

"But more importantly they look like a group. It doesn't look like they have been put together. It looks like they are meant to be together."

Interestingly, Rihanna doesn't actually say she's going to record a single, just that "working" with them will happen this year.

Still, from this side of the Atlantic it's all looking positive. Let's hope they've remembered to get a US hack deeply in the tank for them.

Meanwhile, Amy Winehouse is back in Camden:
Amy, the bag lady in Camden

WINEHOUSE lugs around bags of food as she settles back in grungy North London.

"Lugs around bags of food"? You mean she's pictured coming home from Waitrose? Woman comes home from shops carrying shopping? Lord, no wonder Gordon's desperate to fill his column with JLS press releases if that's what he's reduced to running as hot gossips.