Saturday, March 20, 2010

Graham Coxon makes himself look a bit of a pranny

Suzy Norman, who blogs at Queen Margot And The Supperclub, suggested that Graham Coxon might not come over well in No Distance Left To Run:

I couldn't help thinking I was watching a plasticine plonker, with wire glasses trying to remember where he'd put his oversized duffle coat as he was running late for new Nick Park audition where he hopes to play Wallace's nephew who's just been cycling around Europe on a monocycle but now needs a place to stay for a week before he goes on spiritual retreat in Gumberland; a sort of autobiographical role, made specially for him.

Now, some people might be a little upset by that sort of criticism. Others might take it on the chin. A few might, however, respond to being called a pranny by... well, behaving like a pranny.

Disappointingly, Coxon falls into that last group. a comment on QM&TSC explains what happened next:
The worst thing about the whole Graham Coxon thing?

Graham Leslie Coxon posted your blog link on his own forum, Graham said you needed it up the arse and that you were a cunt. It’s all down to him. So you see, the poor kiddies in forum land were just taking his lead when they decided to harass you.

Graham goes by the name Tin Hat in his forum and everyone there knows its HIM and they hang off his every illegibly typed word.

It's all a bit of a shame - that Coxon overreacts to a bad review; that he'd suggest that anal sex is somehow a corrective for a bad review; that he'd call someone he's never met a cunt. Some celebrities are starting to complain about the acrid nature of comments they have to deal with online; if the sort of semi-famous types who you think would know better are pitching in, what hope is there?


H. said...

Not to defend his poor behaviour at all, but it seems he did show up and apologise in the end:

A little too late perhaps. Suzy Norman is far more gracious than I would have been.

Anonymous said...

His 'apology' on Suzy's blog is nothing more than an attempt to scrape his way out of this before the story spreads. If he was really sorry he'd link his 'apology' to his forum and facebook page.
Very nasty and underhand getting a band of sycophantic fans worked up on his behalf.
It all smacks of 'let's pick on the girls in the playground'. Eurgh.

Anonymous said...


He didnt 'show up' at ALL. He apologised to stop this spreading.

You'll notice there are 2 apologies...the first where he tries to BLAME SUZY and being BORN for his behaviour and the second which goes straight into his apology...totally different tone, probably not even written by him.

He isnt sincere, he hasnt broadcast it ANYWHERE other than in the 'comments' section of Suzy's blog...when lets not forget HE IS THE ONE WHO IGNITED ALL THIS!

Unknown said...

Pete Doherty gets arrested, Graham Coxon starts flamewars. News at eleven...

Anonymous said...


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