Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shocking news from the music industry

Perhaps to scrape together the cash to pay for the Jackson deal, Sony Records have dropped Jedward. After just the one single.

Which, to be fair to Sony, is probably one more Jedward single than most people would have bothered with.

A Sony source told The Sun: "We tried our best to make the lads credible recording artists but punters just weren't that bothered.

"They are great lads but haven't got the greatest voices, so they're something to see rather than listen to.

"Record companies are going through major upheaval so we have to be very careful what we throw our weight behind. I'm sure Jedward will be able to make a buck touring as a novelty act."

You hope that they actually said that to their faces: You're something to see rather than listen to, so perhaps go on the road as some sort of touring freak show. I hear Warners are letting their bearded lady go so, so why not think about a package tour?