Friday, April 16, 2010

Gordon in the morning: All I got was a headful of heroin

Gordon Smart has worrying news for the S Club Juniors, as Russell Brand wants to kill them:

OUTSPOKEN RUSSELL BRAND has called for "teenybopper" pop stars to take heroin - so some of them DIE.

The comic said the idea would "weed out" those who did not have true talent and save the industry.

And it was an idea he was seriously promoting, wasn't it, Smart? Presented with a Powerpoint flipchart and a single-sided A4 takeaway, rather than, say, just being an amusing throwaway gag in a Rolling Stone interview.
Last night anti-drug campaigners called his comments "idiocy".

Did they? It's interesting that you don't name any. Because, frankly, if anyone working in addiction or drugs control responded to this with the words "I don't think a small joke in a Rolling Stone interview is worth detaining us, they're probably in the wrong job.