Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BPI condemns 6Music closure

The BPI has joined the people who don't want to see 6Music shuttered - how strange to be on the same side as them, eh? They've issued a formal protest:

The BPI, which represents the UK's music companies, said the proposed shutdown "defies belief" in a draft submission to the BBC Trust.

It added that closing 6 Music goes against the central tenets of the BBC's Royal Charter, which requires it to "stimulate creativity and cultural excellence".

Of course, the BPI does have a financial interest in the BBC keeping a radio station which plays phonographs, but that doesn't make it wrong. In this case.

The Association of Independent Music has also submitted a statement of its concerns:
In a separate submission to the BBC Trust, the Association of Independent Music (Aim) says 6 Music plays a "pivotal" role developing new musical talent and says the arguments for closing it are "inherently perverse", according to Music Week.

Aim says 6 Music is better value for money than Radio 3, which serves a niche audience of classical music enthusiasts, claiming that it costs significantly less per listener than its BBC sister station.

That's not entirely helpful - comparing Radio 3 with 6Music is a bit like comparing the running costs of a symphony orchestra with those of a bar with a jukebox, and you don't really need to pull down Radio 3 to justify keeping 6Music. Late Junction is no less important, or over-resourced, than Lauren Laverne's show.


Jim W said...
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Jim W said...

Without going all Daily Mail on the Beeb, why don't Radio 1 stop advertising heavily on Spotify?

They keep encouraging me to visit their website and listen to mainstream artists playing live on their bandwith. If I want to hear Faithless via a subsidised music service then I'll stick with the Swedish option.

It rankles when a wee bit of similar publicity for 6Music could actually make a difference to the station.

Mbop Promotions said...

Good on the BPI - it would be a travesty if 6Music goes, it's easily the most-forward thinking station on the network!

Anonymous said...

"Radio 3, which serves a niche audience of classical music enthusiast"

Now admittedly I'm more likely to listen 6 than 3 but this claim is just nonsense. What about the channel's jazz coverage? What about the various non-UK/US (I really hate that other term) music shows? What about the station's experimental dramas (which also sometimes dip into the realms of experimental music) that you wouldn't have a chance of hearing anywhere else? In fact, now that I think about it, where were these people when Mixing It was being axed?

I suppose that it does highlight the fact that people aren't actually all that aware of the variety that is being broadcast on these channels.

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