Sunday, May 30, 2010

Darkness at 3AM: I'm getting a sense of gullibility... is there anyone gullible here?

The 3AM Girls ask the big question:

But as Cheryl prepares this week to divorce her footballer husband, the big question is, just how reliable are the psychics the celebrities turn to for guidance?

They're not. They're a bunch of frauds, pouring out rubbish-for-cash and taking advantage of the vulnerable.

For some reason, though, the 3AM team seem to need to go and give these people some sort of publicity to come up with this sort of 'verdict':
Verdict: Eerily accurate in parts, but much of it was stating the obvious.

Although you could say the same thing about the 3AM Girls.

Next week, the 3AM Girls will be asking 'can people really make themselves invisible by closing their eyes?"