Saturday, May 29, 2010

Embed and breakfast man: Arab Strap

Is there anything more appropriate for what-I-still-doggedly-call-the-Whitsun-bank-holiday than spending some time in the company of Arab Strap?

"Arab Strap are often criticized for being in an artistic rut, playing out the same tired, slo-fi depressing tunes ad nauseum" says one of their fans on Amazon, admittedly before going on to explain why that's missing the point. It's fair to say if you're not fond of mordant wit, you might struggle a bit to warm to the Strap. But then they never pretended to be Gina G.

Let's start at, erm, the end: New Birds, live in Tokyo on the farewell tour:

Scenes Of A Sexual Nature: The vinyl Box Set
The Week Never Starts Around Here

More Arab Strap online
Arab Strap on Chemikal Underground site
Arab Strap on Matador Records site

More to come across the weekend
Dream Sequence
First Big Weekend live

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