Friday, May 14, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Vickers in a twist

Well, that's Diana Vickers growing in most people's estimation, then:

FOR a second day running DIANA VICKERS has broken a rule of Bizarre's renowned school of celebrity

Yesterday, it turned out she was dating someone from Big Brother - apparently there's some sort of rule against reality show also-rans cross-dating with people from other shows.

So what she's done today? Signed up to record an album with Lembit Opik? Oh, no, it's much, much worse:
Now, she's snubbing my staff.

Gordon seems convinced this story reflects badly on Vickers, and it doesn't seem to have occurred to him that it might be his face upon which there is the egg.
[S]he lost Brownie points at the afterparty. While I had a 20-minute audience across town with WESTLIFE - who have sold millions of records worldwide - Diana didn't stop and shoot the breeze for more than a minute with my team-mate LIA NICHOLLS.

That's not cool.

Holy Jesus in a bucket - you were talking for twenty minutes with Westlife? No wonder right-thinking people were skirting your column like it was ticking.

Given that yesterday morning you cleared half your page to mock her for having Billy Bhatti as a friend, Vickers actually comes out of this reeking of dignity. While a man who runs a story saying 'even a minor pop star won't talk to me and it isn't cool'... perhaps less so.