Saturday, May 08, 2010

Morrissey closes down Street

Stephen Street was going to give radio listeners a treat - twenty seconds of Morrissey singing a demo track, as part of a documentary about Stephen Street:

"[I just wanted] to show that even when [Morrissey] was singing on a four-track cassette, he still sounded great," [Street] told Contact Music.

What could be sweeter than that? Morrissey must be delighted at his former producer so keen to show off what a great singer he is, right?
"On Friday afternoon [30 April], both the BBC and myself received a letter from Morrissey's solicitors threatening an immediate injunction preventing any broadcast unless the material was removed," Street said. "Apparently their client was 'horrified that the proposed material would be broadcast.'"

If Morrissey put half as much effort in when he was in the studio as he does when he's on the phone to his lawyers, we might be hearing some decent new stuff around now, instead of ruing missing out on a clip of old business.