Saturday, June 12, 2010

Embed and breakfast man: The Go-Betweens

This weekend, let's spend some time delving into the Go-Betweens back catalogue, shall we?

Oh, go on.

Much supported by the Record Mirror and Snipe, the music fanzine which morphed into When Saturday Comes, the Go-Betweens were part of what felt like a very minor Australian invasion at the time. Which would have been early-ish on in the 1980s. (See, young people, it wasn't all outsize phones and Richard Branson launching airlines...)

Built around Robert Forster and Grant McLennan's songwriting partnership, you could argue that they were two bands, or a single band with two hearts. Or a multi-headed single beast. In fact, people spent quite a bit arguing that. Smudge even got a song out of the idea that two men had different approaches and produced a noticeably different style of result:

They've picked up some interesting honours in the years since they split, since they reunited in 2000, and especially since Grant McLennan's way-too-early death from a heart attack back in 2006. Cattle And Cane was voted one of the 30 best songs ever by the Australasian Performing Rights Assocation; there's a bridge named after the band in Brisbane. Oh, and 24 used Forster-McLennan as a company name during series four.

Let's go Go-Betweens, then.

To kick off, here's Lee Remick - a tribute to the much-pecked actress which was the first single in 1978. This version is a later revisiting of the tune:

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