Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Noel Gallagher: Anything off for cash?

Noel Gallagher might have left Oasis behind him, but he's still obsessed with how GRATE and LADDISH he was. Ah, people never used to trust them:

The guitarist [tells the NME] that they had to fork out the cash because they had previously been banned from Abbey Road studios, where they made the album.

"We decided to go back to Abbey Road, after being kicked out during the [1997 album] 'Be Here Now' sessions for being a bit wild," he said. "They let us back in, but we had to pay in cash. If they threw us out we lost all the money."

Really? Abbey Road made Oasis pay a cash deposit up front? Oasis? EMI couldn't have just written a proper contract to cover such eventuality? Does anyone really think Gallagher had to count out tenners at the start of the session?

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Paul Wells said...

Noel also pops up in this hideous Adidas world cup commercial.
Adidas appear to have cast the commercial using the brief 'who do we know who's famous but who can't act'.

Ironically the ad is using the tag 'celebrate originality' on a tired mash-up of a 30 year old film...

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