Wednesday, June 23, 2010

PJ (or was it Duncan) misses out

With all the horrors of the modern world, thank God the BBC keeps a sense of perspective:

TV star Declan Donnelly misses England World Cup goal

It's hard to believe, isn't it?
TV star Declan Donnelly was amongst hundreds of football fans in London who missed England's all-important World Cup goal after a power cut.

You see, Duncan (or was he PJ?) has to be like the rest of us when the electricity stops flowing. But still gets the top billing on the news report. The other hundreds? Well, they've never been in Byker Grove, have they?


James said...

There's probably some sort of irony in this situation, if you crane your neck and sort-of squint a bit; Dec (along with PJ) fronted ITV's recent ad campaign encouraging Britain to switch to ITV HD. So you could kind-of blame him if you were one of the viewers who missed England's first goal when the channel switched to an advert. So him then missing a goal turned out to be... erm... Something.

(Alright, so for it to be properly ironic, he'd have needed to have missed the goal because he was filming a car advert, or got run over, or etc)

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