Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Queen has chosen her favourites

I don't want to sound like Bufton-Tufton here, but surely if someone has made a conscious and deliberate decision to revoke their British Citizenship in favour of another nation, then shouldn't that disqualify them from returning to be a Commander of the British Empire?

And yet Graham Nash, who effectively told the Queen to sod off back in 1978, has been given a CBE.

I've not got a problem with people adopting other citizenships, and I've no particular beef with Nash. But if we are going to spend a silly fortune on giving people silly medals, surely we should do it with some sort of sense of logic. If it's worth doing, isn't it worth doing it properly?

John Cale - who has accepted an OBE - is at least properly Welsh. Simon Armitage, off of the Mark Radcliffe programme and poetry, has gotten a CBE. And Catherine Zeta Jones, the pop star - one week with David Essex at number 38 - has been given something, presumably to recognise the good work she's done helping the elderly over the last few years.

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Jim W said...

On the rare evening when I flicked over they had some decent back-catalogue stuff: Sugar, followed by Field Mice, etc. But, well, why bother when there's Gid Coe on the other side?

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