Thursday, July 08, 2010

George Galloway creates

What is it with former scourges of Thatcher and light musical theatre?

Yes, it's true: George Galloway really is working on a musical about Dusty Springfield:

The star who shines brighter than all the rest on this trip down memory lane is Dusty Springfield - as fresh today as a spring field should be. And, as it happens, one of the many projects on which I'm working - with Scots writer Ron McKay - is a stage Musical, eponymously entitled Dusty.

Angels who read the Daily Record - and I know there are many - urgently required.

If Ron McKay is doing the writing, and the music is coming from the back catalogue, presumably Galloway's role is to come up with the dance routines?

It's not entirely clear if Galloway is aware of Dusty The Musical, an, erm, musical about the life of Dusty Springfield. It was on Dragon's Den, although I suspect George wouldn't be a big fan of Jones and Paphitis trying to outbid each other to reshackle the working classes.

Still, maybe one will be the thesis, and the other the antithesis, resulting in people deciding to go and see Ben Elton's Queen thingy instead.

Before George gets to the request for funds, he worries about The Kids Today:
I'm the last man buying music on CD, it appears. When I was a kid, my father had a stack of brown paper-wrapped 78RPM records.

Younger readers may never have seen one. they were hard, brittle, and made a delightful sound on the turntable.

Many were made by His Master's Voice, which today's youngsters know as HMV without a clue of the source of the acronym.

I suspect most of today's youngsters aren't really sure what HMV even is, never mind the source of the abbreviation. (Not an acronym, George.) Probably doesn't help they downplayed the dog in the logo.