Friday, July 02, 2010

Pete Wentz forms a new band

Pete Wentz has pulled together a new band. He's called it Bl4ck C4rds.

With '4's for 'a's.

Really, Pete? You don't think that's a bit like drawing a flower over the dots on each of the 'I's in a name?


PeterDee said...

For christ sakes, he is 31. I also recall that once he said something a long the lines of all these side projects, we will never have side projects in FOB and the day we do is the time to call it a day. Cant find the actual quote but certainly something along those lines.

Anonymous said...

Nothing's wrong with being 31 or 61, and engaging in the creation of music.
However there's a lot wrong with being Pete Wentz, and trying to.... that thing again.
Even if what you meant is, "Hey, I could understand such silly fake foolishness from a kid, but not a grown man", it still wouldn't apply. Pete Wentz was a bit too old for bullshit (and looked his real age) the first time around.

Tim Footman said...

Do you think he's got a wacky autograph, like Jimmy Savile?

PeterDee said...

It wasnt so much about the creation of music, but the ridiculous use of 4's for A's.

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