Friday, August 20, 2010

Comes With Music now comes without Nokia brand

Comes With Music - you remember, it killed iTunes a couple of years back - is no longer going to be branded with Nokia. They're lobbing it under the Ovi brand, instead.

The Register rightly snorts at the move here:

A spokesperson explained the move:

"The new name is also simpler for music fans around the world to understand, and when presented in local language, will better communicate our truly local service proposition in each market. In doing so, we are giving our users a simplified, Ovi-branded experience."

Quite right.

People often ask, "What's a Nokia? - is it some new kind of yoga or a fashionable new diet?" Then you remind them - it's the platform for the Ovi mobile services experience - and the fog of confusion quickly clears.
Nokia had previously had some fun branding a service that only allowed you to download a certain, unknown amount of music as "unlimited" on the basis that it was unlimited, until you hit the limit.