Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gordon in the morning: No Cher' Cole by the charcoal

Having thrown his lot behind the idea that Nadine Coyle is heading out Girls Aloud, Gordon is now scouring information to try and support his hypothesis:

NADINE COYLE has denied there's a problem with her and the rest of GIRLS ALOUD.

So why wouldn't she invite CHERYL COLE round for a tasty chargrilled sausage when they were just a few miles apart?

The singers are in the same neighbourhood in Hollywood but the Geordie's invite for her Irish chum's barbie must have got lost in the post.
Or maybe she was invited and had something else to do. Or maybe it's ridiculous to suggest that because they work together they have to socialise as well - I'll be Dominic Mohan has loads of parties that he doesn't invite Gordon to. All the time, I'll bet. But just because Dominic breaks out the grill, and is throwing on fat juicy steaks and opening the second-best wine without Gordon being there wouldn't mean that there's some sort of rift, surely?