Friday, August 20, 2010

Gordon in the morning: We're all in this together

It's a time of tightened budgets and headcount culls, and even the Beckhams are feeling the pinch. They're doing the sackings part, obviously:

THE Beckhams have culled their staff by a third after a horrified accountant warned: "You're pouring money down the drain."
Richard White, a lowly showbiz reporter, has the details:
Victoria called in the money expert to overhaul their finances because she feared the high-spending lifestyle was inappropriate at a time when ordinary people are tightening their belts.
Ah, that's so sweet; knowing people are finding it hard to get by she's decided to make a load of people unemployed, despite still being a multimillionaire. That's really sharing in the pain.
A friend said: "This very no-nonsense accountant gave it to Vic straight and said, 'You CAN afford to employ all of these people. But why the hell DO you?'"
So, really, this is less a story of the Beckhams feeling the pinch, and more about rich people clinging on to even more money they don't actually need.

A heartwarming tale of our times.