Friday, August 27, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Yes, you've mentioned this more than once

Perhaps Sean Hamilton's embedding of the Williams-Barlow video might have been more surprising - it has a gay theme, or rather a 'gay' theme, as The Sun is putting it - if Gordon hadn't kept banging on about it while it was being made.

The song isn't very good, either. Barlow has tried to make a tune that sounds a bit like Glen Campbell and wound up with something that sounds like, well, Take That in a foam cowboy hat; Williams tries to chap-up to the challenge and ends up falling off the horse.

Elsewhere, Amy Winehouse went to see the Libertines:

AMY WINEHOUSE felt the wrath of LIBERTINES fans on Wednesday.

The singer, who went along to watch the band's comeback gig, left before the end because punters began pointing and shouting, "Who are ya, who are ya?"
So The Libertines fans are now bullying women in the audience, are they? Classy.