Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lauryn Hill is running late. And so is Snoop.

The thing is, there's no real reason to make up stuff about pop stars, as the real stories are quite diverting enough. And this one has a few hundred witnesses.

Lauryn Hill turned up three hours late to play Washington's Rock The Bells festival. Because she was having a pedicure. And a manicure. Obviously. Nobody would be three hours late just for a pedicure.

And when she finally swung by, was the wait worth it?

The performance was a messy rush through highlights from "Miseducation," but they were hardly recognizable due to her hoarse voice, speedy delivery and clunky, overstuffed arrangements. Hill wasn't lacking for energy, just focus. The feedback on her microphone was ear-splitting; special guest Nas came out for a 45-second cameo, and his microphone wasn't working for half of it. After 20 minutes she departed to an equal mix of cheers and boos, seemingly oblivious as to why anyone might be upset.
If only she'd taken the time to prepare properly.

Still, 20 minutes was a lifetime compared to Snoop Dogg, who hadn't taken the stage by 10.45 - for an event due to finish at its 11 o'clock curfew. From the Washington Post review, it doesn't sound as if anyone minded overmuch the truncation.