Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Qtrax: Another bright new dawn

Every so often, you'll hear a noise coming from over there, and on investigation it turns out it's Qtrax making an announcement. You'll recall they've launched more times than a Cornish lifeboat, without ever having quite properly developing a business.

Having pledged, seriously and honestly, that they'd be under way in January, they're now back, with a new logo which makes them look a little like a 1980s financial services corporation, and a new business model:

“Advertisers are looking for concepts and people that accommodate their needs,” says boss Allan Klepfisz. “Qtrax has a completely new take on generating ad revenues globally. And what we think are really enticing propositions for consumers, that will provide other revenue streams- and impact on piracy.”
Apparently, they're now focusing on the "Asia Pacific region". Good luck with that, little guy.


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