Monday, August 30, 2010

Reading - Leeds was great, says Mr Reading-Leeds

As is now traditional, the organiser of the festival must have his post-fest interview to declare how well everything went. Melvin Benn has, thus, proclaimed Reading-Leeds good.

And, given the way Leeds used to always end in a pitched battle and burning trash, the organisers probably do deserve credit for having turned things around. Nowadays, it's just the bands who are causing trouble:

Last night at the Leeds Festival Axl Rose slammed the festival organisers, saying "This war ain't over". Benn had cut the band's sound at Reading to prevent them from breaking the noise curfew.

Benn played down the feud, saying: "I'd definitely book them again but I don't know if they'd come and play. I doubt I'll be getting a Christmas card from them. It's not personal, I think the band are great. Why would I make it personal?"
It's not entirely clear how Axl intends to pursue his "war"; or, indeed, if he'll even remember he's at war this morning. Shouldn't he really be at war with the licensing authorities rather than the festival anyway?

Benn was pleased with how professional the Libertines were:
"Anyone coming into this festival that just read press would have thought thought The Libertines were going to be the issue but they were professionals," he said.

He added: "They were just fantastic. It was the real deal and they made the effort. Whether it's got legs for the future I don't know. What they have done is knock their heads together and gone, 'Let's put great shows on'. They may all walk away from each other again, if they do I expect they'll walk away very happy because they've really hung out again.
I suspect "professional" is the key word here; watching on TV the set came across as very highly-polished, like something a Libertines tribute band might do. In the reuniting, they lost something of their soul. The Likely Lads have become Mike And Bernie Winters.


Paul said...

One of the guest area security guards told me that Pete Doherty was the biggest prima donna - no surprises there. Nicest and most unassuming "superstar" there? Fred Durst.

Anonymous said...

"In the reuniting, they lost something of their soul. The Likely Lads have become Mike And Bernie Winters."

hardly, and i'm speaking as someone who was lucky enough to witness all but one of the reunion gigs. wednesday at the forum was among the best times i have ever seen any of them.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Interesting, anonymous - like anything, I guess the experience of being there (deep in an audience of hugely enthusiastic people) was somewhat different from watching from a distance. Without the crowd, it was all very slick, but very soulless.

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