Wednesday, September 01, 2010

ContactMusic know what they're doing here

In a story about N-Dubz launching a brand of cheap clothes with their logo on:

The male members of the band - Fazer and Dappy - will release t-shirts, trousers and accessories through their line, Nanawear, while Tulisa will work on a womenswear label called TFB.
The male members of the band? Yes, that would be about right.


James said...

'Nanawear'? What, so a range of nice cardies, beige slacks and those clear plastic rain-hats then? I look forward to the big launch at whichever downmarket high-street sweatshop-friendly shit-depot ends up selling their tat. I'm picturing a handful of spotty Kevins, surrounded by 400 eager pensioners keen to get a funky new tartan shopping bag.

m b blissett said...

If we spot anyone wearing the shit that will appear, we can give them a wide berth - its an excellent social modification opportunity

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