Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Love is full of wonderful colours

Exciting news that the Icicle Works are getting back together for a 30th anniversary tour - always deeply underappreciated were the Icicles.

Slightly more disappointing is the way the NME chooses to report this:

Ex-Oasis drummer Chris Sharrock's old band The Icicle Works have announced plans to reform for a 30th Anniversary tour.
The band with a former Oasis drummer in. It's like buying a BMW but telling people "my car uses the same spark plugs as you get in a VW camper".


Anonymous said...

more to the point, i t does not ACTUALLY say that Chris Sharrock will be in this "reformed" Icicle Works.

Olive said...

Anon makes a good point- how is this tour any different from a bunch of Ian Mc Nabb solo shows? Neither Sharrock nor Chris Layhe are involved. I'm probably being churlish- depending on my mood either 'out of season' or 'understanding jane' can still raise goosebumps.

Anonymous said...

How does a "Icicle Works" tour differ from an Ian Mcnabb solo tour? Judging by the 25th anniversary tour nothing recorded after 1990 gets played and lots more people go to see it. At the Manchester gig McNabb asked where everyone had been for his solo years. If neither Sharrock (possible) or Lye (unlikely - he and McNabb don't get on) aren't there you could probably get them under the trades discriptions act but that would be a bit churlish. It'll probably be a great night out either way.


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