Monday, October 11, 2010

Apparently without John Lennon, there'd have been no Jonas Brothers

In a bid to try and squeeze some publicity and misbegotten credibility out of his birthday, the Jonas Brothers recorded a tribute to the dead Beatle:

Sitting together on a couch, NIck Jonas offers a concise tribute to Lennon's influence on them.

"We grew up listening to the Beatles in our home, John Lennon specifically. And his words, and his lyrics, and his music spoke to many generations of people and continue to," brother Nick said.
Yes, when you listen to Video Girl you can really hear the influence of The Plastic Ono band on the Jonas Brothers.
"It's his birthday, 70th birthday, so happy birthday, John. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the music. And thanks for showing the world that it's time to come together and live in peace. You're the man."
Yes, thanks for that, John. Imagine if you'd not pointed out that war was bad. We would never have noticed.