Saturday, October 09, 2010

Embed and breakfast man: Bo Ningen

This week's audio-visual treat for the weekend is a spot of TempestRock from London, in the shape of Bo Ningen.

That's their single Koroshitai Kimochi, which came out on a ten inch single around this time last year.

What do we know of them? There are four of them - Taigen, Kohhei, Yuki, Mon-chan. The Guardian loves 'em, as does Loud & Quiet. And they sound like pissed-off fractals trying to control their anger. Which is ace, obviously.

There's a debut album, also called Bo Ningen, out in a month's time.

Download Koroshitai Kimochi EP
Free download of Koroshitai Kimochi track via
Download Bo Ningen LP

Bo Ningen online
Bo Ningen on Last FM
Bo Ningen on MySpace

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