Saturday, October 02, 2010

Embed and breakfast man: Lois Maffeo

A weekend of embedded videos which will continue with sound only, I suspect, as we dip into the career of Lois Maffeo. Lois, as she was often professionally known:

That's her first sort-of solo debut, Press Play And Record, although she'd been making excellent music for years before that came out in 1992. At the start of the 1990s, she was in Courtney Love. The band, of course, the one that makes (her ex-roommate) Courtney Love the person fume and rage about who has the rights to a made-up name.

Before that, she'd arrived in Olympia and become a one-woman radio cult with a show on KAOS; it seems like you couldn't help but be well-connected in Olympia at the time and her cross-collaborations would give Pete Frame cold sweats trying to keep track of.

She writes a mean song. This is going to be a brilliant weekend, I think, even if the 'videos' are just pictures filling the hole in the screen.

Infinity Plus [download version]
Butterfly Kiss
Bet The Sky

Lois online
K Records artist page
YouTube playlist by GrrlBandGeek (which this weekend's features will be drawing heavily, but not exhaustively, upon)
Lois Maffeo's writing for The Stranger

More across the weekend
Courtney Love - 2nd Most Beautiful Girl In The World
Strumpet live
I Hate The Sun live
Roman Holiday - Lumihoops
Tentacles - The Touch
The Go Team - My Head Hurts
Cradle Robbers - Sotto Voce

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